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Do you think everyone who searches the web and finds Nouveau or Neo-Tech info is going to really be privy to it all...write this off as another crazy coming out of the wood works...If you aren't born into it, then leave it alone, the scams you believe are happening to you are of your own allowing, nothing can happen that you do not allow. Quit complaining, send more money or stop sending money. What else should I say? I have nothing else to... Read more

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nothing is wrong, but yeah while they all expect life to fall into their lap, the society shows them how to run a business, everyone on these complaints is living a pipe dream.they all sound crazy. ive been a member, but the truth is you need to know how to work the program, its not made for losers, who expect a free ride, its a business deal. and yes it does exhist and no for what you get you are not ripped off, these people should have never... Read more

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I tried to access their web site for members and they said my member # was invalid. This was back in 2003. Now there is another one called The Secret Society P.O. Box 560647 Dallas, TX 75356-0647. I feel these are the same people but with a different name and state. The letter they sent is the same as the Tech Society's letter. I am really poed and would like a full refund of the purchase price of both books I purchased from them. I want access... Read more

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I bought the Nouveau system some 10 years ago. Gave me no secrets. Help me get no wealth and nobody contact me after I bought it. Told me God didn't exist. Now they are contacting me again to try and get me to buy it again. I guess the lose track of people they have already scammed. How do they get away with this scamming? The law allow them to put out false information. Then they want refund the money. I guess it is nobody fault but my own... Read more

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My elderly mother started recieving letters in the mail from Nouveau Tech...promising to give her the secrets to help her family with financial promises and rewards,by revealing secrets especially for her,because she was one of the "special chosen few".My mother believes this garbage and has given them money.She is a sweet,deeply religous woman...who has undergone more loss and stressful events in the past 6 years,than most humans could... Read more

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I received a couple letters stating that I was being selected into the "SECRET SOCIETY" and would receive the answer to all tyoes of wealth and other areas that would make me a very valuable asset to anyoneor anything I come in contact with. This was pure BS. I have yet to receive the book mentioned and have received another letter stating I have until this Friday, 6 January 2012 to reply. Well, this is my reply. Whomever you may be this is... Read more

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Just did a chargeback with American Express for a charge from Nouveau Tech Society for $99.50. Don't know how they got a hold of my number. I've never done any business with this company, nor received any material (online or physical). These scammers are really the worst! Seems that this company just charges whatever card they can get a hold off. I'm sure they must buy stolen credit card numbers on bulk. They assume that only a few people will... Read more

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Nouveau Tech is a rip off. i wish they never got in touch with me they steal your money, give you false hope and try to rip out your faith. You cant read a book and become God. you are who you are. They take from the poor and promise riches they cant provide. I couldnt afford the book they sold me. Nothing came true of any promise they made im still waiting to be a winner and im still waiting for my lover to just want me he still cheatn. I have... Read more

Was this review helpful? 3 0 follow that link, you may find this guy is on to something, and it applies to you. It applies to me. If it does apply to you in any way please comment to to back it up. ------------------------------------------------------------ as for this wacky letter, I couldn't help but laugh. After I got over the fact that it was 6 pages of reading (*** reading), I found it was quite... Read more

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The books are interesting, but in no way warrant the $100 price tag. They are extremely repetitive and unrealistic. They are pretty much anarchistic in their approach and their beliefs are apparently realted to Scientology or another cult that they have created themselves. The author(s) believe they can become and teach people to become Gods and transcend our natural reality. They are antireligious, antipolitical and idealistic. Humans of couse... Read more

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